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The essential skill of conveying a message in a different language.

Comparative Editing

The comprehensive process of validating the accurate reflection of the author’s intentions.

Unilingual Editing

The meticulous process of enhancing the coherence and flow of texts.


The art of closely inspecting the smallest details to ensure impeccability.

Some of our fields of expertise

  • environment
  • medicine and health
  • tourism and sports
  • economic development

Choose Stevenson for a translation certified and stamped with the seal of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ).

Linguistic projects
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Our passionate team... completely beyond words!

Caroline A. Morrissette

Caroline A. Morrissette

President and Certified Senior Translator,
Corporate and Legal Affairs

Antonie Pluk

Antonie Pluk

Certified Senior Translator,
Health and Social Media

Kevin Coughlan

Kevin Coughlan

Senior Translator, 
Technology and Science

Laurence Blais

Laurence Blais

Certified Translator

Catherine Boivin

Catherine Boivin


Our Blog
Translation Best Practices

A grant to have your documents translated

Perhaps you have documents that should be translated, but you’re not sure how to find the funds to do so…. Did you know that there are a number of different programs providing grants for the professional, qualified translation of your business’s documents?

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Translation during sporting events

Translation, much like sports, leaves no room for guessing. When planning a sporting event, it is crucial to start off on the right foot by enhancing your brand with top-quality translations that are adapted to your audiences.

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Computers can't replace humans

It’s easy for someone not in the field to assume that automatic computer-assisted translation (CAT) is simple, quick, and efficient. The truth is CAT is still far from being able to replace the meticulous work of real translators. What does it lack exactly? Human skills, of course!

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Ask for a unique translation that delivers the highest quality. Stevenson's mission is to create effective, grammatically correct, and easy-to-comprehend translations. Going above and beyond words, our team respects style, context, tone, corporate culture, and the target audience of your message.

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