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“In the race for quality, there is no finish line.”

David Kearns

Our values come to life within each employee

Quality – clear, concise, and accurate

Leadership – at the forefront of linguistic trends

Respect – deadlines, confidentiality, colleagues, and our word

Discipline – rigorous and consistent work methods

Avril Pageau-Bonin

Avril Pageau-Bonin

Certified Senior Translator
Environment and Social sciences

An avid reader since childhood, Avril decided to earn her lion’s skin at the University of Sherbrooke. In addition to her Bachelor's degree in Professional Translation, she was the recipient of an excellence scholarship from the Canadian Language Sector Enhancement Program. The literary worlds she explored in her youth imbued her mind with the subtleties of languages; from a young age, she devoured both French and English literature. This versatility has resulted in a deep understanding of translation and meticulous accuracy in her work. Fond of nature and fascinated by the human mind, she strives to understand the connections between all beings. Her love of the outdoors first brought her to Sherbrooke, where she became part of a warm and lively team. Her casual attitude masks a rigorous person who believes in the value of upholding duty.

“Believe in yourself, work hard, grind, and don't stop until it's done.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Our Mission

Stevenson’s mission is to create effective, grammatically correct, and easy-to-comprehend translations. We ensure idiomatic texts and nuances are expressed with creativity, awareness, and a human touch, so the final product reflects the tone of your documents.

The True Distinction in Translation

Stevenson takes great pride in the quality of its work, as with its efficient and effective methodology, while continually respecting stringent deadlines.

  • We distinguish ourselves from numerous businesses by retaining a rigorous process of translation, comparative editing, and proofreading performed by three members of our team for each project.
  • We believe 100% that a human touch keeps the true sense of the message you wish to communicate.
  • We support our text correction and glossary creation using computer tools which are powerful but no match for the human touch.

The majority of our team members are certified by the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec ( This is of great importance to us, so you can be confident in having superior quality documents that have been handled with exceptional thoroughness.

Established in 1998 in the Eastern Townships

Stevenson is based in Sherbrooke, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. This is a region where English speakers and French speakers maintain a harmonious relationship. The region boasts both English- and French-language schools, colleges, universities, newspapers, cultural centres, theatres, and museums.

We provide same-day quotes for your projects

Stevenson is committed to supporting its community. Each year, we choose a charitable organization and provide an in-kind donation of our services. Contact us for details on our next call for proposals if this program interests you.

Community Involvement


Ask for a unique translation that delivers the highest quality. Stevenson's mission is to create effective, grammatically correct, and easy-to-comprehend translations. Going above and beyond words, our team respects style, context, tone, corporate culture, and the target audience of your message.

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