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More than simply wording, quality is also an art.

A 3-step process

Simon DesRoberts

Simon DesRoberts

Senior Translator, Engineering and Creative Content

With an Honours BA in Second Language Teaching and Translation from the University of Ottawa, in addition to a diploma in Electrical Engineering from the CEGEP of Sherbrooke, Simon’s diverse academic and professional background provides him with extensive experience in various fields. His strengths lie in most technical fields, such as electrical engineering, automobile mechanics, not to mention aerospace engineering, but he also thoroughly enjoys finding creative and witty solutions for slogans and promotional material. Working at Stevenson & Writers is a way for him to make the best out of his analytical skills, while tapping into his creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
Wayne Gretzky

Human precision will always outperform computers.

Computer Translation

  • Computers cannot truly understand the sense of your message
  • They cannot decode subtleties nor catch humorous touches
  • Results are not targeted to your audience
  • Complex ideas and ambiguous expressions are not clarified
  • Errors in original documents are not corrected


  • Translation errors and lengthy, heavy text
  • Failure to engage the interest of readers
  • Embarrassment, loss of credibility, and tarnishing of your image
  • Loss of clients or business opportunities, problems, lawsuits
  • Supplementary costs for adequate reworking of texts

"Transforming ordinary words into extraordinary language."


  • Automatic translation systems establish connections according to statistical rules and calculations
  • A human translator relies on intellectual capacity to choose words


Épilation au laser, épilation à la cire, électrolyse
Hair removal, hair removal, hair removal (automatic translation)
Laser hair removal, waxing, electrolysis (human translation)

Computers acquire data.
Humans accumulate experience.

A Professional Translation Service

  • Is proficient in languages, writing, and communication
  • Adapts to context, tone, style, and audiences
  • Carefully chooses each word in relation to objectives
  • Consults you on anything that remains unclear or ambiguous
  • Keeps your best interests in mind when proposing changes or providing advice


  • Provides an impeccable translation that effectively communicates your message
  • Achieves your objectives while respecting your values
  • Enhances your brand image
  • Improves your efficiency and productivity
  • Increases your reach and profitability

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Ask for a unique translation that delivers the highest quality. Stevenson's mission is to create effective, grammatically correct, and easy-to-comprehend translations. Going above and beyond words, our team respects style, context, tone, corporate culture, and the target audience of your message.

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