Three tips for saving time and money on your translation project!

Three tips for saving money

Imagine you have a guide, leaflet, or manual that is 2, 50, or 300 pages long and you would like to have it translated. The goal is to both get the best value for your money and ensure the most effective use of your time. Well, you have a lot to gain by entrusting the job to a translation company, a certified one at that, and maybe it is best to avoid giving it to a friend or relative who only devotes their spare time to the art.

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Is your translation project complex or straightforward?

translation project complex or straightforward

In fact, whether your project is simple or complex does not affect Stevenson’s working process–we adhere to a rigorous methodology and have an incredible team with the experience to carry out mandates of any kind. At Stevenson, we eagerly await your texts and are up for any challenge.

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Why it is important to plan for the translation process


It may never even cross your mind that a translator will play a significant role in your project, event, or business and marketing strategy. After all, that person’s only task is to change the language of a text that has already been written. If this is what you think, you have not yet understood the scope of what a translator has to offer. You may be amazed by the magic that happens when you plan the translation process. Read More

What’s involved in the translation process at Stevenson & Writers


The five-step translation process : what magic occurs between the moment you forward your content for translation and the moment you obtain the final product in the other language?

You have a document to be translated. Your team has worked diligently to write and refine it. Now, it’s finally ready to be sent to Stevenson & Writers for translation. You are relieved to receive prompt confirmation of the reception of your document, along with a proposed deadline that has taken your needs into consideration. All’s well, you’re reassured that you are in good hands.

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