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Caroline A. Morrissette

President and Certified Senior Translator

Corporate and Legal Affairs

Caroline has always been passionate about languages. Her ease in speaking English in high school and her discovery of Spanish are two elements that have steered her towards the career she has today. Following a short detour into social sciences and humanities, Caroline decided to study in English at Champlain Regional College in Lennoxville to become a language teacher. By pure chance during an optional introductory translation course she discovered a fascinating and highly stimulating world on the intellectual level. This was all it took for her to dive right in. Her passion brought her to the University of Ottawa, which is renowned for its excellent reputation in translation education. After completing her studies, Caroline held a translation position in the health field and spent several years there. During this time she pursued postgraduate studies for a master’s degree in translation at Toronto’s York University.

Over the course of her career, Caroline has translated in the health, environment, medicine, and telecommunications fields. She has also translated contracts, speeches, and letters that have been colourful, to say the least. For her, there is something incredibly gratifying about the idea of finding the right words and proper expressions that reveal the true sense of a text, and this is exactly why she returns to this profession day after day.

A few years after returning to her home city, Caroline took the opportunity to join another translator in the area with the goal of eventually leading the company. Where some would shy away from such a volume of work, she did not as she knew that her background in team sports and endurance races had prepared her perfectly for this new challenge. Driven by dynamism, audacity, and determination, Caroline thinks big, plans, and acts on her mission. This adventure has proven an enriching experience where she has been able to apply and convey her deep values of meticulousness, dedication, and respect to make Stevenson the translation business it is today, a company with an outstanding reputation.

Caroline has only one goal for this business and that is that it continue to grow.


“Keep it rolling!”


Caroline A. Morrissette
Certified Senior Translator / Certified Terminologist
“When we consider a book, we mustn’t ask ourselves what it says but what it means.” Umberto Eco
Certified Senior Translator
“Believe in yourself, work hard, grind, and don't stop until it's done.” Arnold Schwarzenegger
Certified Senior Translator
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky
Senior Translator
“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Pablo Picasso
“He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.” Confucius

Avril Pageau-Bonin

Certified Senior Translator

Environment and Social Sciences

An avid reader since childhood, Avril decided to earn her lion’s skin at the University of Sherbrooke. In addition to her Bachelor's degree in Professional Translation, she was the recipient of an excellence scholarship from the Canadian Language Sector Enhancement Program.

The literary worlds she explored in her youth imbued her mind with the subtleties of languages; from a young age, she devoured both French and English literature. This versatility has resulted in a deep understanding of translation and meticulous accuracy in her work.

Fond of nature and fascinated by the human mind, she strives to understand the connections between all beings. Her love of the outdoors first brought her to Sherbrooke, where she became part of a warm and lively team.

Her casual attitude masks a rigorous person who believes in the value of upholding duty.

Simon DesRoberts

Certified Senior Translator

Engineering and Creative Content

With an Honours BA in Second Language Teaching and Translation from the University of Ottawa, in addition to a diploma in Electrical Engineering from the CEGEP of Sherbrooke, Simon’s diverse academic and professional background has provided him with extensive experience in various fields.

His strengths lie in most technical fields, such as electrical engineering, automobile mechanics, not to mention aerospace engineering, but he also thoroughly enjoys finding creative and witty solutions for slogans and promotional material.

Working at Stevenson & Writers is a way for him to make the best out of his analytical skills, while tapping into his creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

Simon DesRoberts
Antonie Pluk

Antonie Pluk

Certified Senior Translator / Certified Terminologist

Health and Social Media

Before embarking on a career in translation, Antonie worked in the customer service, graphics, and fashion design fields. Translation has always managed to sneak its way into her tasks throughout her experiences, motivating her to return to studies.

Passionate about language, Antonie devoted herself entirely to her studies, obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Professional Translation from the University of Sherbrooke and earning the OTTIAQ Award for Excellence.

Antonie has developed a keen interest and talent for texts concerning health and social media during her studies and career as a translator. She enjoys these subjects for their terminology and challenges.

Antonie chose to join the Stevenson team because of the company's values of integrity which combine quality of work and quality of life. Along with her talents as a translator and her taste for terminology, Antonie brings her technological skills and deep knowledge of computer translation tools.

Kevin Coughlan

Senior Translator

Kevin moved from Ireland to Canada almost 10 years ago after graduating from the National University of Ireland, Galway, with a degree in Mathematics and German. Living and travelling throughout the world eventually led him to teaching in Montreal. While living there, he translated French newspapers every day from front to back to learn about the language and culture of Quebec. As a teacher, he had to interpret often and picked up translation contracts. He then moved to Sherbrooke where he pursued a career as a translator with Stevenson & Writers.

In his travels he has become comfortable with European, Canadian, American, as well as broken English; beginners have to start somewhere. He is driven by challenge and enjoys learning, which is why he has chosen translation. Finding the perfect way to express random or obscure ideas in another language becomes all-consuming while he is working. When he is not busy deciphering and creating texts, he is dedicated to Martial Arts and finding new destinations to explore and enjoy with his family.

Kevin Coughlan

Laurence Blais


As a child, Laurence would spend much of her time writing stories of her own and devouring every book she could get her hands on. Her calling for languages evolved naturally, unsurprisingly leading her into communications in 2001.

Throughout the years, she added strings to her bow by exploring various fields such as marketing, computer science, and accounting. Laurence dabbled in everything from writer and copy editor to communications consultant, furthering the work of her employers through her skillful and versatile gift for writing. In 2015, she was awarded 3rd prize for her communications plan at the Canadian Practice Firms Trade Fair.

In 2016, Laurence returned in the classrooms of her alma mater, the Université de Sherbrooke, to devote her career to translation. Two years later, she could finally work in the field that she had been dreaming of for so long and quickly found her place at Stevenson, a pleasant and stimulating work environment that fuels her desire to surpass herself every day. She finds great satisfaction in tweaking catchy sentences and churning out translations that meet the needs and expectations of clients.

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